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Stories of Our Ancestors

Title and Author


Mary Bannister Russell's Section

My Life
by Mary Bannister Russell
Mary's complete autobiography
In the Days of Boats and Trains  
by Mary Bannister Russell
A Short story of Mary's struggles and triumphs of faith in her life long pursuit of Zion.
Twenty Four Hours  
by Mary Bannister Russell
A Short Story of WW I, based upon Mary's youthful experience of the German bombardment of her hometown.
A Beautiful Dream  
by Mary Bannister Russell
Mary recounts a dream of meeting the Prophet Joseph Smith and of having a panoramic review of her own life.
My Testimony of Joseph Smith
by Mary Bannister Russell
Mary's testimony of the Latter-day Prophet, Joseph Smith,
The Lord is No Respecter of Persons  
by Mary Bannister Russell
Two visions or dreams of comfort: one to a Latter-day Prophet, and another to a woman not (yet) even a member of the Church.
Queensland, Australia  
by Kate Bannister Turnbull, Mary's older sister.
Kate's recollections of her family's difficult life in Australia
Prudence Morley  
by Laura Russell Bunker
A brief story of the life of Mary Bannister's Mother, Prudence
In Search of Prue   
by Albert Warren and Nelly Berg
The story of Warren and Nelly's Australian journey to research Prue and George Bannister's life there.
A Brief Story of the life of George Bannister
by his daughter Mary Bannister Russell
A brief story of the life of George Bannister.
Grandpa Bannister
by his great-granddaughter Laura Bunker  
The George Bannister Saga in verse

Clyde Arthur Russell's Section

A Brief Sketch of the Life of Clyde Arthur Russell  
by himself
A Short story of Clyde's life, as told to his daughter, Lois, age 12.
A Brief Sketch of the life of Clyde Arthur Russell  
by Mary B.  Russell
A Short story of Clyde's life, written by his wife.
Reflections on Clyde Arthur Russell   
by his son, Clyde B.  Russell
 Reflections on Clyde's life,  written by his son.
Princess Merri Eyes  
by Clyde A.  Russell
A True Fairy Tale, written to his Sweetheart.
A Letter from a Father to his Son  
by Clyde Arthur Russell
A letter that Clyde A. Russell could have written to any of his descendants.
The Poetry of Clyde Arthur Russell 
by himself
Windows on Clyde A's soul.
Nicol Hood & Angelina O'Neil  
A composite sketch from 5 written family accounts.
The story of an Ancestral Family with  intense love, loyalty, and faith through great adversity.
Thomas Russell and Family
by his grandson, John Lynch Russell
The story of their conversion and emigration

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